Why Common Wananchi are on their Own During this Covid-19 Lockdown ~ Aluko Junior.


By Aluko Junior

On June 26th March during his address to the nation, President Kenyatta set forth guidelines on how to curb” the third wave” spread of Covid-19 , a move that was opposed by many Kenyans including religious leaders.

Lockdown on the five counties which he termed as “red zone “, closure of bars and restaurants around the zoned areas, closure of institutions of higher learning countrywide, imposition of dusk to dawn curfew among other tough measures.

The country has faced rough times since the first case of Covid-19 was reported in March 2020 and the least they could expect from President Kenyatta was how the government was going to cushion them during this tough economic times, and not imposition of lockdown on the counties he termed as super spreaders and the closure of the hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels and small kiosks within the zoned areas). Let me guess they were wrong.

The greatest super spreaders of Covid-19 are our political leaders.

The kind of rallies they hold with millions of people in attendance who are barely with their masks on, no social distancing and adherence to MoH protocols on Covid -19 yet the only way they think that the spread could be stopped is by imposition of tougher restrictions that are only making the lives of Kenyans miserable, an old saying that went viral sometimes back stated that people are likely to die of hunger than Covid-19.

Think of that mama mboga who owns a small kiosk where she prepares a few dishes for the locals, probably she is now rendered jobless.

How will she provide for her family with her only source of income blocked due to the closure of eateries?

Michael Joseph (the chairman of Kenya Airways, one of the leading parastatal in East and Central Africa) said “if we are not careful the business hub for Africa for which Nairobi is ideally designed for is going to move from Nairobi to Kigali.

This comes in due to closure of businesses i.e. the hospitality industry including local and foreign tourism which contributes highly to our revenue collection.

What does this mean for our nation? Darker times are coming.

What Kenyans expected Mr. President to address is probably how the government will roll out campaigns for the vaccination exercise against Covid -19 owing to the fact that there are many myths and misconception about the Vaccine, how it will ensure smooth business operations without necessarily paralyzing them.

I guess they were disappointed


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