Uproar over new matatu terminus in Nakuru, citing road safety.

Residents of Nakuru City are up in arms, over the relocation of the Matatu terminus from Nakuru CBD, to a space next to Gate house round about, citing safety issues.

In a move that was resisted by the matatu operators, the Nakuru county government, headed by Governor Lee Kinyanjui, moved the vehicle terminus from the central business district, to several parts of the city outskirts, in bid to decongest the town center.

The Most notable of all the terminus, is the one located next to the round bout, famously known as gatehouse roundabout. The pedestrian has to cross the ever busy Nairobi- Eldoret highway. There is no officially marked pedestrian crossing spot, so the pedestrian’s crossing the highway, are at the mercies of speeding trailers, matatus, motorbikes and other motorized road users.

Pedestrian trying to cross unmarked busy Nakuru Eldoret highway. Photo by Daniel Kipchumba.

Joseph Kianjai, a Nakuru resident lamented the move, saying it is suicidal to cross the highway, competing with speeding trailers.

‘It is a pity that, a whole government that is supposed to protect, and serve the people that elected it in power, is the one subjecting the people to such dangerous situation, imagine crossing the highway, with your family and luggage’s, then speeding trailers honking at you in the middle of the road, that’s a nightmare.’ He says.

A mother struggling to cross the highway to the new Nakuru round about bus terminus. photo by Daniel Kipchumba.

Wanjohi one of the tout at the terminus, was in agreement. It’s dangerous even for them too.

‘It’s also pausing danger to all of us, because we usually go after the customers across the highway, in the process, we risk our lives, the crossing spot is unmarked, God forbid if someone is hit by a trailer, I don’t know if there would be any compensation, because the crossing spot is not marked for pedestrian crossing’ He says, as he rushes to pick one of the stranded passenger across the highway.

According the traffic act, all pedestrians crossing spots, should be clearly marked. As for now, Nakuru residents have to contend with vehicles across the highway to get a ride home.



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