Trans Nzoia residents unity and gender sensitivity key on the legacy of president Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing Kenyans on the 59th Madaraka day.

President Uhuru Kenyatta led the country in celebrating the 59th Madaraka celebrations held at Uhuru Garden’s. The celebration is the last national holiday under his term as president.

During the celebration the president’s last speech to the nation was full of his achievements in the last 10 years of tenure. The president emphasizing on much done during the second term.

Residents of Trans Nzoia county have mixed reactions about the president’s legacy to the country. Gender equality and bodaboda Reforms applauded a majority of residents.

John wanyoyi a bodaboda operator in Kitale, says the president has done much from his predecessor the late president Mwai Kibaki. According to Mr. Wanyoyi, the major achievement of president Uhuru Kenyatta is not letting the country go into political turmoil and ensuring the country remains united.

“The president has done much in ensuring the country remains united despite the political temperatures in the country, that was a selfless decision by the president. Peace is a major factor in the growth of the country. That is so outstanding of the president.” Mr. Wanyoyi said.

Mr. Rufas Maina a business man in Kitale town says the president delivered to the people of Kenya, however, his disregard to the constitution is has tainted his legacy. According to him, there are laws passed by the parliament that Mwananchi is the end victim.

“President Kenyatta led the country as the president he was, he has done much, like the Suam-Endebess road will benefit the business community. But the failure and disregard to the constitutional and the courts ruling was a bad show. Some laws are passes are burden to common Mwananchi, only politicians are benefiting from them.” Mr. Maina said.

Gender sensitivity

The question of gender equality being a global subject, president Uhuru Kenyatta had 11 members being women in the cabinet, and also appointing the first female Chief Justice Martha Koome, with high ranking judiciary officials being women. Many have praised his regards in empowering women in the country.

“We are not yet there, but president Uhuru has highly regarded the question of two-thirds gender rule. He has shown women don’t need to be nominated. Slowly as country we are appreciating the need to empower our women. It is also commendable for the Azimio leader Raila Odinga to have his running mate as woman, Martha Karua.” Mr Wanyoyi said.

According to UN Women Count Data Hub, by February 2021, only 21.6% of seats in parliament were held by women; With few an interesting figure in merit of nominations.

A number of women in the coming general elections have eyed top electorate seats including gubernatorial seats. For instance Mps, Gladys Wanga and Aisha Jumwa vying for governor’s position in Homa Bay and Kilifi counties respectively. Nakuru senator Susan Kihika on the race to unseat the current governor Lee Kinyanjui on a UDA ticket.

“Women of this country have not only once proved to be workers and not flower-girls. The number of women on electorate positions this year has increased, we need to trust our women with leadership. We do not need sympathy to access leadership. Our president has shown the country they are workers. Someone like Martha Karua her records are clear she’s has produced results. It’s time we us women work with fellow women.” Mr. Salama Ali a resident of Kitale said.

Boda boda Reforms

Mr. Wanyoyi further thanked the president for the reforms and free licensing on bodaboda sector in the country. Earlier in the year, the president called for reforms and licensing of all boda boda operators in the country after the sector became a hub of criminals.

The president waived the licensing fee of Ksh. 5800 registration paid to National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), and registration of all motorcycles across the country, following a series criminal activities by boda boda riders.

Boda boda riders in March after training on road safety. Courtsey.

” We as bodaboda operators in the country are among the great beneficiaries of the president Uhuru’s leadership. Bodaboda sector has employed many youths in the country, it’s that a crucial sector. The idol youths can feed themselves and avoid engaging in criminal activities. The president’s move to offer free licensing was a relief to many of us.” Mr. Wanyoyi said.

With election month fast approaching and political temperatures continuing to rise in the country, Mr. Wanyoyi urged youths to avoid being used as conflict tools by politicians for their on interest.

“The country is already in a political mood, the youths of this country should not allow leaders to use them as tools of violence in political rallies and even after elections. We need each other after elections, politics will come and go. We should not bleed as a country to people who have no interest of common Mwananchi at heart.” Mr. Wanyoyi concluded.

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