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Bill Gates Divorce,Feminism and Modern Religion~ Mudimba Anthony

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I am still a young guy to be precise in my early twenties striving to figure out how I want my life to be or rather how I would wish it to be.

I have had some moments of success and failure in equal measure and from my ordeals, junctures of disappointments were a stepping for me to the next level.

I highly regard shaping failure than wrackful accomplishment. I don’t mean to demean the importance of success or as a connotation of cherishing failure, I would be lying.

You may ask yourself why is this person saying this when the headline reads ‘Bill Gates divorce,feminism and modern religion’? Well ,let me answer that before we start feeding on our main meal of the day.

As an introduction I wanted to tell the reader,you, that the topic I am handling has nothing to do with my experience,its rather due to inquisitive mind and desire to know more about life I am therefore always researching on issues affecting our modern society.

In this quest of knowledge my aim is not to have great insight to boast or win arguments,instead my goal is to educate and enlighten the society and make it a better place.

Our forefathers seem to have perfected in the art of marriage,most of their marriage worked and very few failed,history confirms that, this is despite the fact that some married more than one wife ,a statistical dynamic based on the amount of land or number of livestock one had ,as this acted as a measure or determinant of wealth in those ancient days.

I am not saying we should return the primitive way of living which is more of regressing with very little progress. This is also not to mean that we are living during the bad times,no doubts we may living in the best time that human beings have ever existed .

Until the next of five generations that could be dominated by augmented reality then maybe people who will be living in those times will be probably saying the same thing I am saying about our forefathers but of course there will be still some positives or good things they will learn from us and that is only if they accept to learn.

A number of times youths or people of our generation think that age only knows the wisdom of the days that are gone and therefore not important,but remember this ;the sun that shines today is the sun that shone when your father was born and will still be shining when your last grandchild shall pass into the darkness. This is whether you decide move to Mars with Elon Musk or just stay here.

About 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.

We only have access to the few divorce cases we are informed on social media maybe concerning celebrities the latest one being Bill Gates and his now ex-wife Melinda Gates.

The rate of divorce cases in other developed countries is not encouraging though , some have more or close number of divorce as US but I decide to use US as a case study since it is perceived to be the most powerful country in the world.

They assert that their military has the ability to destroy the whole world in one day just by a button press. I can’t fully figure out how this is beneficial to the society. Maybe just a showing us of how insecure they are.

Why couldn’t the same energy be channeled in educating or advising people how to have healthier marriages and reduce this divorce issues. I know there exist such institutions but is the same energy to enhance the military focused on them?

Ask a standard six student where he would like to visit one day when he has the capacity to travel around the world. Believe me six out ten will mention US.

This is as a result of beautiful or adorable image that has been painted through the media,education among other things that makes US superior and the best place this little children imagine about living their life.

To validate that let me say this; US is good place to be it is in fact if I had a chance I would enroll to Harvard University not only to learn from books but understand their culture and get answers to many questions I have been asking myself.

What does it mean when people are gripped to go in US?This means that there will be a possibility of them mimicking what is happening in this country of their dreams to enable them ‘live’ in imaginary America.

Some positive things could be learnt in the process as well as some negatives. How can we ensure our people only learn the useful ?

Years ago literacy levels in our country were very low until the influence of Europe especially Britain who colonized our country.

According to UNESCO Kenya’s adult literacy rate is at 81.53% and comparison to other countries it is at number 106.Our bench markers on the other hand enjoy 100% literacy levels ranking them as number 2 worldwide. This is despite their divorce levels being at 50% as Kenya divorce rates sit at 15% higher than before the rise of our literal levels.

As literacy levels surge,which is criterion for development in any nation the antagonistic facets are also on the constant rise .

There is a lot we can do to stop this narrative but only if we are willing to and take our time ,energy and even resources where necessary. Shall we?

Women empowerment is one of the many good things that will be appreciated by any progressive person of the modern world especially in our African countries.

It is like taking the girl child to her desired level , to accomplish her goals and tap all her full potential.

Through women empowerment a lot has changed , we have women who are doctors ,engineers,teachers programmers and the immediate example is Kenya’s incoming Chief Justice Margaret Koome this is contrary to what has been happening in previous years where women were always left on the sidelines as men are uplifted.

There is distinct boundary between women empowerment and feminism , one is more of creating a robot that need to be monitored and looked at,given instructions or else it may cause havoc or perform below the expected levels.

The other one on the other hand is enhancing one to its own full potential or capability without altering its purpose or design in any way.

Feminism is women empowerment that took the extreme path and lost its purpose and actually started combating nature and trying to bring in a new order.

What we don’t deliberate on is that if we don’t respect nature ,nature will definitely disrespect us.

It may look rosy and promising at the beginning but the inevitable delinquency is always in the gym having pull ups and its litigation will always be ugly if not tragic.

Religion has always been like our speed-governor to control us from the ills or bad things in the society. What is the work of speed-governor?Regulating.

I am a believer I appreciate its role in our society especially it spiritual’s extreme although is detrimental and doesn’t really work based on logic or reason but rather from ‘speculate it will happen narrative’.

Take for example a case in Arab nations among extreme Islamist’s; when your daughter is drowning in a swimming pool a man is not allowed to save him to avoid making him ‘unclean’ by the touch. Crazy!”Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”.Words of Albert Einstein.

Religion and feminism could be different subjects but in one way or the other striving to attain the ideal society.

In this quest they end up destructing and not really yield their desired fruits ,we don’t get ripe but rotten ones.

Not to say the two are the same thing,they are not in fact they appear to be conflicting each other for example not allowing female priests in catholic church can’t be on feminism interest radar.

I have a lot to share and discuss about this two issues affecting our modern society but let me leave it here for more of my other articles on the way.

©Mudimba Antony
The writer is a student at Kisii University taking a degree in Computer Science specializing in Software Development and Networking , apart from programming writing is another activity he enjoys most.

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Bill Gates Divorce,Feminism and Modern Religion~ Mudimba Anthony

  1. As much as you’re young in age, I think you are a great writer full of ideologies good work Mr. Anthony

    1. With the little that i know about you as much as research is concerned, this is great work Anthony👌

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