The Untold European Superleague Saga Story

ESL as many refer to it was idea to form a league mainly consisting of leading European club’s, the so called ‘big clubs’ in Europe; Real Madrid,Liverpool,Manchester United ,Arsenal,Juventus,Inter Milan,AC Milan had agreed to come together and establish a new-midweek competition which was to be governed primarily by the founding clubs.

Chelsea,Tottenham Hotspur,Atletico Madrid and Manchester City who have in recent years accomplished superiority are also now regarded as ‘big teams’ had also consented bring it to a total of 12 founders.

Three more clubs were anticipated to join and inauguration process undertaken.

The founding clubs under the leadership of Florentino Perez who is also the president of Real Madrid had proposed to hold discussions and work hand in hand with UEFA and FIFA the two main bodies governing football activities who arduously refuted the idea and even the president of EUFA Aleksander Ceferin was quoted calling it ‘a nonsense of a project’.

Why form European Super League?

Football is the most popular and loved sport across the world, that goes unopposed basing on its large fan base in all the world. Among teenagers there will always arise a conversation related to football.

Out of 10 adults 4 of them are likely to have watched a recent champion league clash between Bayern Munchen and Paris Saint Germain. This is just to show how adored football is.

Evaluating that any smart entrepreneur would wish to take advantage of the situation and make money from the sport.

This doesn’t mean that clubs haven’t been earning from that,they have been doing it for so decades now and clubs with a vast fan base like Manchester United and Real Madrid are always getting savory deals that has always made them affluent and complacent.

ESL was an idea aimed capitalizing on this market recourse and earning more money than it has been before.Matches between the ‘big clubs’ has always attracted more fans who are the source of this money because this would mean more revenue raised ,increased gate receipts, increased broadcasting right fees,luxury boxes,club seats ,concessions among many other lucrative deals.

What were the benefits of Super League?
More club income could mean salary raised for the players and a cut in their agents inevitably.

ESL could create a two tier salary structure between the ESL teams and those left behind.Well, as it may look as a benefits some people will be harmed especially the players of the left teams and the agents of the super league teams.

Research by the rebel clubs shows there are potentially hundreds of millions of new followers in Africa,America and Asia. Many follow more than one high profile team and want them to play against each other more often.ESL was to excite this fans more and earn a lot of money in the process.

New broadcasters as a new competition would create a new market to sell the games featuring the ‘big players’.

It would also interest big tech firms on how to distribute the content.ESL clubs would take the advantage and monetize this digital content and have more control in the process.

Is Super League of any disadvantage?

It feels cynical kind of way ,the perfect tome to get the ESL off the ground. Covid-19 scourge has caused a financial blow to 20 of most of Europe’s big clubs loosing billions of shillings in the past year for instance.

Playing behind bars in voyage to adhere to the covid-19 protocols and restrictions has made it harder for clubs to collect their revenue

As per Florentino Perez’s sentiments who is all also the chairman of the project ,ESL would generate more money than the Champions League and would result in a greater distribution of the revenue throughout the game.

The idea sounds nice and promising ,right?But to what cost of the wider game?Is it not lining money to the already rich clubs as the poor clubs continue to suffer?Or maybe let’s see the main cons to this risible scheme

Smaller clubs finances will be greatly harmed. For instance the premier league gives 100 million pounds in solidarity payment to the three tiers of English football directly below it.

Yet it appears that English football couldn’t allow their ‘Big Six’ to stay in the league and join the ESL so they were to leave EPL which would mean a big financial hit and without each country national game the national will no doubt become poorer.

ESL looks far very less competitive since there would be no incentive for finishing second or third as the qualification is virtually guaranteed via the super league.

Others who will lose in the quest of ESL establishment include; Fans Europe,UCL broadcasters and players of the teams that have always been regarded as small teams

Most of the people who are for the ESL are all successful businessmen meaning they have adequate understanding and knowledge on how income can be generated through this adored sport.

Of course that can never go unnoticed but the question is should they accomplish their mission at an expenses of the game?

Legends of the game like Jammie Carrager , Ryn Giiggs among others as much as they were good players and are highly respected for what they achieved it would only make sense to listen their advice about soccer but not about the economy or raising the financial situations of the clubs eppecialy after being hit by the pandemic.

They are passionate about the game and love it but we can’t feed on that,can we?

UEFA on ther side are openly fighting for the same thing as what ESL were fighting for,they know the success of ESL will mean unpopularity to UEFA which will lower their revenue.

As much as they may call ESL partipants greedy they arent very far from it as they think the only difference is that they are being supported by many people unlike ESL.

Hypatia one of the most educated women in ancient Egypy said that ‘you reserve your right to think for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all’.

I am not saying that the proponents of ESL are thinking wrong neither do I mean that to the opposers, what I mean is that both of them are right and coalescing of the two opinions could result to the best outcome for the best of this ‘fighting’ sides and all will eventually benefit in the long run.

©Mudimba Antony
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