Poetry: “The Lady Behind Counter” Lettie Poet

Woman mourns her dead boyfriend, only to bump into him two years ...

No more thinking, No more teasing
Pains there freezing, inching is so cheesy
No more breezing and eyes all tingly
She’s not thinking, shes only cleansing
Afraid of clients, she keeps cleaning ati sanitising.


Her cream beside her, water for dehydrating,d
Face mask covering her scars and did I mention gloves to cover her flows.
Her heart is beating so fast, the guy has just sneezed on her, the look she has, cannot even be masked.
Her eyes show fear, fright, she wants to fight, the guy has just left and she remains Flexed.
The CS has just claimed “447 cases and 20 in Narok “.
She’s going to quarantine isolation room with tears dripping from her cheeks down to her thighs and I cannot lie it’s not corona freezing her buh the horror greezing on her emotions, hormones.


God, can I really circum or should I really govern my life? Jesus takes the wheel, that’s my only wish that you will be done…. I plead..

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