Poetry: It’s Not La La Land ~ Bard Mwendwa

Having a sense of meaning in life is good for you – so how do you ...

It’s Not La La Land.

We all cease to exist,
Love doesn’t just show,
We toil harder to live good,
but the music still has that feel-good feeling.

It’s not la la land,
Life can turn out bad,

It’s not la la land,
We ought to be glad,
With sour tears in hand,
Greed filled these lands, 
Blood spilt all over,
We are existing corpses.

It’s not la la land,
Life can turn out band,
Love doesn’t  show orchestrating a band,
We are existing corpses, 
Finding a shade of life in purpose.

It’s not la la land,
It’s a big lie,
Pain makes it more real, 
Faith drives us to another day,
Hope lights the way.
It’s never la la land.

Bard Mwendwa 🍀


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