Poetry: “In Class”~ Joshu Poet

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In a class,
I first noticed a pretty lady,
In a class,
My eyes noticed her curves,
Her breasts reminded me of 12 o’clock
She’s young
She a teen


I fell for her,
I dreamt of her,
I daydreamed with her,
She drove me crazy,
She is the girl I like

In the class,
Where I was a tutor,
I fell for a girl,
She was very beautiful,
She was my dream girl

In a class,
My heart skipped a bit,
Butterflies filled my stomach,
I could not take snacks,
She was a snack herself,
I shared spark with her


I often pretended,
I don’t like her,
Probably because she had a man,
She used to divert from my stories,
But I loved her

I fell for her,
I love her,
I’ll date her.



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