Poetry: “I SEEK CONFIDENCE” Winnie Poet

7 Surprising Tips To Become Self Confident And Trust Yourself ...


I seek confidence, to speak without a stammer
To explain without hesitation
To prove that am able

I yearn for confidence
To stop feeling scared of trying
To eliminate the fear of standing before a crowd

I need confidence
To stop listening to my second voice
With its songs of doom in my mind


I envy the confidence
Of wearing heels on the first day
And walk wobbly in them across the street

I wish I had the confidence
Of walking around with weird cover of make-up
Without feeling out of place


I want to walk along with the highway head high
And wait for someone to move aside
Instead of crawling along the roadside.

I wait for that day
My speech will show confidence
And my appearance
Will read a self-loving soul

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