Opinion; Why Varsity and College Might Open Sooner Than Primary and Secondary Schools

Schools unlikely to reopen in September says Magoha - KBC ...

Following the memo dating June 17th this year, that was signed by Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education State Department for University Education and Research, higher learning institutions might open soon before secondary and primary school.

The glimmer of hope that was directed to all vice-chancellors, has given students at least dim light at the end of the tunnel after indefinite closure of learning institutions due to COVID 19.

Are we extremely vengeful with this pandemic? It has perturbed the world and we are all hopefully learning to live with it.

However, the education sector has been greatly affected and I can say for sure, that the academic calendar in Kenya and other parts of the world has been turned upside down.

By popular demand, the education stakeholders proposed for the beginning of an academic year in September.

But the recent education Cabinet Secretary Prof Magoha’s valedictory, clearly stated that such a change would be made only when the east African community has had a sitting and they have come to one accord.

That can be such a herculean task. All in all, we will surely get back to the track sooner or later.

Students of higher learning institutions are well conversant with the basic hygiene routine. It’s an everyday exigency, a must-to-do list.

It’s fascinating that all this is required to keep the virus away. In case the students have forgotten, a quick reminder can’t be bad.

Apart from the normal hygiene routine, the office of the principal secretary has directed the following, which most institutions are tirelessly working towards achieving them before coming up with reopening plans for their institutions.

These are,
Clean running water and soap for handwashing, sanitisers, frequent cleaning and sanitizing of often touched objects such as doorknobs, light switches and stair railings with disinfectant, adequate space for social distancing.

Universities may put signs to require staff, students and visitors to keep social distance as well as handwashing and personal hygiene. Mandatory use of masks or face shields for learners, lecturers and non-teaching staff.

They might provide them at a subsidized rate and Thermoguns for monitoring the body temperature of all persons entering the institution.
Most higher learning institutions have more than enough lecture halls.

At least the deserted ones can now be put to use. Basing on the latest report by the ministry, a maximum of 15 to 20 students per class is advised.

Studying in shifts and e-learning can also be put into practice. Social distancing is well taken care of.

Well, all these calls for collective responsibility. You want to complete your studies and grab those world opportunities waiting for you right? But this pandemic is such a capricious lady!


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