Opinion: Why Men are More Vulnerable to COVID 19 than Women

Why do more men die from COVID-19? | Science| In-depth reporting ...

One mundane fact about COVID – 19 is that we have not yet hit the peak of infection.

This is worrying because crazy numbers have been reported over the weeks.

According to the ministry of health, a higher percentage of men infections have been recorded in the past months in Kenya.

Controversial opinions have been provided by different stakeholders.

On July 23rd, the doctor in charge of infectious disease at KNH says, some factors surrounding this can’t be told.

However, men don’t lack the requisite experience on how to protect themselves from the pandemic because this disease has been with us for quite some time now.

After mulling it over for some time, I came up with the following opinions concerning why.

In my opinion, social distancing among men is something to worry about based on my observation.

In towns, cities and shopping centres, men are seen in groups or gathering, idling without masks or even half a metre away from each other.

Not that I am biased but this is based on my observation.

This trend posses a great risk to the individuals because, as they communicate or sneeze, the virus migrates from one person to the other.

This behaviour is more common in men than in women and this gives the other gender an upper hand in containing the disease.


Most men in society are breadwinners.

They have to get out there, with the best foot forward to make ends meet for them and their dependents.

Movement from one place to the other posses risks to them as they may contract the virus during their day to day activities.

Not that women don’t get out to work but most men, with the crisis, are forced by the circumstances to go that extra mile to feed and provide other needs to the family.

Society dictates that men should be fearless and ready to fight with whichever situation that comes their way.

In a question and answer session with some of them, most of them claimed not to be afraid of the mere cough.


Records have shown that, even when bars were announced to remain closed as they have not been issued licenses to operate amid crisis, some bar owners still have the audacity to violate the rule.

Throwing caution to the wind. A higher percentage of men has been seen in these bars even past the curfew time.

Poor judgment is an effect of alcohol and COVID – 19 regulations are likely to be violated when drunk.

One poses a great risk to themselves and those around them.

In a wrap, following this COVID – 19 regulations should not be a herculean task because we are doing it for us.

Men have to get more strict and serious on adherence to all the regulations because they are at a greater risk of contracting the disease.

However, though slowly but surely, we are learning to live with the disease despite the rise in numbers.

All thanks to the health workers as they give us hope regardless.


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