On Mandatory Vaccination, Someone Tell The Government To Spare us

Recently the government through the Ministry of Health officials decided to come up with a shocker to coerce Kenyans into being vaccinated.

It was a well scripted speech which was well delivered I must say. Kudos to one Mercy Mwang’ang’i who is the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Health docket.

Once this information was passed that Kenyans have to show vaccination certificate it definitely made many worried especially those who decided not to get vaccinated.

A keen observer will note that this is one of the schemes of the government to coerce its populace to get vaccinated.

President Uhuru Kenyatta earlier this year noted that the government had a target to achieve and it seems the government did not achieve its target.

So they had to devise all means to make sure that they achieve it by all costs. Don’t get me wrong that I am against vaccination exercise.

If you do that you are damn wrong for I am only responsible for what I write and am not responsible for your interpretation of the same.

I am against forced vaccination exercise by all means.
There are those who have decided not to get vaccinated for reasons based known or unknown to them.

For vaccination exercise it is incumbent that there should be consent from the party being vaccinated.

The recent move by the government has deep ramifications in that people will go for vaccination exercise just to escape the wrath of the government.

Lest you forget, this was also the scheme that the government did employ with the 2019 Huduma Number.

People were told that if they did not acquire the Huduma Number definitely they won’t get government services.

Let me ask two years later, those who acquired Huduma number how far are you with the Huduma Number?

I am quite aware of the edict of Article 24 of the Constitution of Kenya which explicitly vouchsafes limitation of rights and fundamental freedoms.

But the recent move of the government will eventually lead to denial of services to Kenyans and this definitely is an affront to Article 27 of the Constitution which abhors discrimination of the citizens.

Article 27 (4) of the Constitution states: ‘the state shall not discriminate directly or indirectly against any person on any ground, including race, sex, pregnancy, marital status, health status, ethnic or social origin, colour, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, dress, language or birth.’

Dr Mercy Mwang’ang’i stated that as part of the heightened COVID 19 containment measures, the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus directed that everybody seeking in-person government services should be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination availed by 21st December 2021.

She went further that: ‘In public places, all persons must show proof of vaccination for admission into National Parks and Game Reserves, hotels, bars and restaurants as well as use of public transport means including domestic flights, train and Passenger Services Vehicles.

All visitors, tourists, travellers from Europe must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination before entry into the country.

These guidelines have therefore been developed to guide public interaction and operation at public facilities’.

Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Andayi Havi adding his voice on the same tweeted that: ‘Let there be no debate on Covid vaccine as a condition for entry to public establishments and access to Government services.

This is a pandemic for which free vaccination has been provided. Take it to live.

If you don’t want to, you must be prevented from endangering others.’
Shortly after the threat, Amnesty International (Kenya) issued a press statement.

I will be generous to share a snippet:
As a response to the Ministry of Health emphasis on enforcement of its vaccine mandate guidelines, Amnesty International Kenya reiterates its position that locking our Kenyans from essential services is counter-productive, violates basic constitutional rights and will not address remaining pockets of public scepticism.

We remind the Government of Kenya, businesses and the public that on 14th December 2021, the High Court suspended the ‘no jab no service’ directives terming it ‘unconstitutional’.

This judgement opens the door for individual legal suits by members of the public against any establishment that seeks to lockout Kenyans from public or private services.

Let someone also remind those in government who have decided that their heads are too big because of power given and donated to them by the public that Milimani based Judge Honourable Antony Mrima did issue an injunction on them locking out people from accessing essential services from the government.

Court orders as well have the full force of the law and are legally binding be ye as high as Mount Everest.

It applies horizontally to all and sundry regardless of anything and everything.

The recent move by any means is to force citizens to get the vaccine by all means perhaps against their own will.

In sum, rather than coercing Kenyans to vaccinate or become second class citizens with no rights, the Government can expand strategic information and vaccination points at all transport hubs, bus stops, railway stations and airports, rural and urban markets and malls as well as places of worship and entertainment.

Moreover there is valid court order that put an injunction on the move by the government to deny Kenyans essential services.


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