“Mimi ni wa UDA Hadi Yesu arudi” Lowdar based Artist CID Jeshi.

By Sefu

Unlike Uganda where musicians take part actively in politics, Kenya musicians have always remained neutral in political activities in the electioneering year.

However, as political tantrums continue to raise in the country, Lodwar based Artist CID Jeshi has come out to the aid of his preferred candidate to support his gubanetariol ambitions in Turkana county.

Turkana based performing artist CID Jeshi. Photo by CID Jeshi.

The controversial Lodwar based Artist is also known for quiting bandit acts in the county and ventured into music to preach about peace and change the warzone county’s image as a home of musical giants.

CID Jeshi said he is affiliated to the United Democratic Alliance UDA under Kenya Kwanza.

The artist s not shunned publicly to admit his love for UDA party.

Unlike other musicians allowing politicians to use their songs in rallies without publicly admitting their side, CID is boldly campaigns for the Kenya Kwanza team in Lodwar.

“I’m a supporter of UDA forever, Mimi ni team UDA Hadi Milele. I will never be ashamed to support a party that puts God first. Besides being an artist, I’m also a Kenyan, I have the right to campaign for any political party and the party that has my interest which is UDA.” He said.

As the gubanetariol race in Turkana continue to intensify, the artist has boldly come out to campaign for Nakara Lodepe, an aspirant of UDA.

According to the CID Jeshi, he’s ready to sell his well followed YouTube channel at 2.5 million and a piece of land to support hon Nakara on his campaigns.

“Am selling my peace of land 100 by 100 and youtube account which cost 2.5 million just to support hon. Nakara lodepe for governor position. We as a county need to elect leaders with people’s interest.

I fully believe in the leadership of Nakara not becuse he’s on my party but because he’s a leader who respects God and support local talents here in Turkana.” He affirmed.

CID has further urged he residents of Turkana county to choose leaders who can bring about change and development in the county.

” I really plead with the people of Turkana to vote the future and change. We don’t want to cry just as citizens of Kenya and residents of Turkana. We should vote wisely as Kenyans.” He added.

CID Jeshi hit the headlines after his crazy offer to Diana B, after her rap song ‘mapenzi tight kama kifuniko ya Gas’.

The artist is also championing for peace over recent attacks by bandits on the border of West Pokot and Turkana at Kainuk.

Recently he was doing charity event at Marians Children’s home in the county to raise foodstuffs and other basic needs.

CID Jeshi emphasizing his solid support for the Deputy President’s party UDA said, ‘tuko UDA Hadi yesu arudi’. We are in UDA till the return of Jesus.


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