Media Council of Kenya paid internships, the way to go.

The move by the Media council of Kenya to offer paid internships to media students, spread all over the country in different media houses, should be applauded and the council be encouraged to sustain the same.

It might look like a drop in the ocean, considering that there are many out there, but we all know that an ocean is made up of many drops, therefore, that drop is a move to the right direction, as far as young journalists’ skill building is concerned.

The stipend, whatever amount it is, will play a major role to sustain the interns in different towns that they were deployed to. Besides the stipend, and the skill building, this program will help them create social capital, which are important for future connections.

Having interacted with several of them, MCK should expect massive applications in the next call they make, because the program has gained a face that will definitely testify its importance.

Being the first of its kind since the formation of MCK through the act of parliament in 2013.This is a clear indication that MCK is dedicated towards career development and supporting young journalists into the media, by offering that sought-after elusive stepping stone into the industry.
The comfort of interns knowing that their presence and stay is catered for, that it doesn’t put their parents/guardian under pressure, cannot be overemphasized. This internship program will go a long way in filling the skills gap that the industry is experiencing, thus a boost to the profession.

The MCK paid internship is an oasis in a desert, quenching the skills thirst in the media industry.

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