I will die, Soon I will die,
Yes it’s sooner than I think

By Wanjohi. P. Mugambi

I will die
Soon i will die
Yes it’s sooner than i think
For my life is at stake

I have been on a roll
And my heart skipped wholly
Thinking about the stressful me
Yes i will die soon

When i die let it be known
I fought to the end wholly
But nothing was there to keep going
I had to give up

In my burial please no songs
Nor tributes of how good i was
Or motivation that life is worth living
For i lived and life gave me sorrow

I will die
Yes i will
And that day it is sooner than i thought
For pain is fighting me back

Bye friends and family
Yes say see you as soon you see this
For holding on its more painful
Better i let go in peace than in pieces

Wanjohi. P. Mugambi
Weeping Onion


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