For The Love Of Art- Sanaa na Jamii

Sanaa na Jamii festival is a monthly festival organized by young art lovers in Trans Nzoia county. The events focus on selling homegrown arts, music and talent from the county.

Namatsi Lukoye, the chairperson of the monthly organizers of the event says, the event is meant to bring art lovers and youths in the region to showcase their work. The group is a consortium of different genres of art with an end goal of encouraging and keeping art alive.

Sanaa na Jamii

“We are a group of persons making Sanaa na Jamii alive. We work with different artists from the broad spectrum of art like Hodari Arts Creation a film group, Fireplace Studios, World of Works, ESPA, Tamaduni Zetu who are based here at Kitale Museum, our host for today, the 2nd Sanaa na Jamii fest, all selling art in different dimensions, making it a success. ” She said.

According to her, art and music in different aspects presents an excellent opportunity for youths. They hope to reach out to a larger section of youths in the county, who form are at the centre of art and music in the country.

” As a group, we believe that music and art in there traditions of structure, discipline and excellence can offer great awakening and opportunity to a broad spectrum of youths. The youths are the selling point of art, we want to tap and sell out art from these energetic group.” She added.

The event which includes arts exhibition, live performances from artsists within the county, ranging from dance, spoken word, comedy skits and live music perfomances from both seasoned, as well as upcoming artists from the region.

Godfrey Sabila, a representative from Tamaduni Zetu based at the Kitale Museum, says the event is a success, as it brings young people passionate about arts together. Affirming the Namatsi’s sentiments, Mr. Godfrey says art and youths are intertwined.

Expressing his disappointment of the Maasai culture only known to may outside world, despite Kenya and the Western region rich in culture, which as a group they keeping alive through folk songs and dances, and citations.

” Unfortunately in Kenya, we don’t document our culture. We have rich culture that is going extinct. As Tamaduni Zetu, we are safeguarding the intangible of the indigenous communities in Trans Nzoia like the Sengwer, sabaot, and the large Bukusu communities, through songs, dances, art and craft, and recitation to keep the great cultures alive.” He said.

Every Friday, the group is always at the National Museum, from midmorning dubbed ham Fridays, where live performances are done for tourists and visiting students and organizations.

The Beauty Of Art

Art is makes life lively, it is through art that feelings are expressed. Aristotle said, the aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.
Through color, texture, sound, shape as well as motion, pleasing to the sense of audience. Namatsi says life situations are best expressed in art, further giving satisfaction.

Charges and future events

With the second event seemingly success, and an impressive turnout, the leaders of the group expresses their satisfaction and hoping the event I’ll reach more people and sponsors.

“It was fun-filled, with an impressive turn up. We wish to have more and more of similar events in the county. We also encourage families to come out and attend since it’s free, families will have a great bonding time as well entertainment. However in future we will be having a normal few rate to motivate the artists performing.” Namatsi Lukoye said.

“Our past events have been free, we are doing this to create awareness, make people understand of our activities in the county. But we all know all these artists are putting in effort, time and resources to come up with great content. They take responsibility for every art they create, and to keep them motivated and working on doing great, we shall introduce a small reasonable fee for our great fans, to support the artists. ” The Nabil Dalmas the treasurer.

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