Decimal Classic Entertainment Refresh Interview with Ramtez

Decimal classic is a rising artist and songwriter hailing from Kenya, who made a strong debut with a “one day” the hit song that was recorded in 2016.  The celebrated and most sort musician has been releasing music mainly through streaming platforms and YouTube.

Nakuru  Times had a rare chance of contacting one on one interviews with Decimal  Classic and had some great insights into the life of a songwriter and what it means to connect with others through the music he creates. From doing what comes naturally and talking about the impact lyrically sound and sonically-catchy music can make.

When did you discover your talent in singing and songwriting?

At primary school level as a freestyler   and in 2016, I recorded my first audio “one day”

What were your parents take on you doing sensational music rather than gospel music?

My parents respected my decision and supported it though I had not involved them when I started

Whom do you look up to when it comes to your fashion and style of music?

In fashion, I look up to Awicko , the style of music Otile Brown in Kenya and B2C in Uganda

How many years now in the entertainment industry?

Five years now from 2017

What happened that you wanted to give up? 

The audio producer overstayed for more than a month with my project and he wasn’t responding to my calls.

What inspires you during songwriting?

I write songs about what I go through, I feel or what I see in society but mostly what I go through

Which is your best song among those you’ve released?

My songs are symbolized my kids, I love all my projects they are equal.

Have you ever sent someone your songs and they’ll talk about it?

Yes, severally. However, I trust my work once the producer hands it to me.

Are you planning to open your music label?

Yeah. In Gods will am initializing that idea.

What keeps you moving in your music career?

My parents and family, because they appreciate my talent, encourage me and give me reasons not to give up.

Are you working on any collaboration this year?

Yes of course, with rappers and spoken word artists too. They will be dropping on my YouTube channel soon. 

What are your last words to your fans, upcoming artists and the society at large?

You should never give up because you don’t know what tomorrow holds. Invest in social capital and interact with people of different calibres.

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  1. Good work and keep it up… The work you are doing will give you more experience and it’s also touching. You are already a star believe so .

  2. An amazing platform for Nakuru creatives, I love what you guys are doing maze keep it a blaze all times. Big fan.!

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