Dear men, the Woman you Call Yours is the One you Have in Your House~ Brenda Holo


By Brenda Holo

Praise the Lord good people. God is good ,all the time. Now that we have that out of the way let’s have a chat.

See, “Waze wa busara once said, She was never yours it was just your turn”. For the better part of this week ,I have been angry chap,ask me why?

Dear men, the woman you call yours is the woman you have in your house for heavens sake!

But even before paying a single tick -infested scrawny cow as a bride price,men out here are already consumed by the idea of “their woman with another man”.

Just the thought of it makes them tremble with rage.

Fast forward: one of my friends;Gettu , met this cool ,bubbly tall dark guy in a club in town.

Somehow, Gettu managed to be swayed away by the guys’ sweet nothings and by the end of it,the guy miraculously got her phone number.

Miraculously because, it’s not every day you meet a fly chick who gives you their correct telephone number.


But when Gettu was beginning to dream of disappearing to the Coast with the new guy, she was stopped in her tracks ,when the green eyed -monster if you like , boyfriend interrupted. Sounding warnings to the new guy to stop stealing his chick or his body will be filled with bullets.

Now what??? Eeeh! Utter most nonsense it is. At the very best,this was a demonstration of an intellectual dwarf .

Just because no one told him, she is never yours,it’s just your turn. See, if a woman wants to ,”Chirry Chirry”, trust me you, she will.

Any decent looking woman is often chased by suitors ,all trying their luck with their best foot forward.

They are blowing her phone up on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. She is one phone call , one WhatsApp call, one message and one wink away from hooking up with someone else.

Until you marry her ,but also, just because you paid some pitiful animals to some old man doesn’t mean you own her.

If she wants to, she has every right to change her mind , yesjust like you.

So stop imagining you can keep up with a woman by beating up rivals. You might think you are going to beat up your rival, only to end up with a bloodied nose instead.

But do this eee! When it’s your turn just set the boundaries and if I cross that line, pull the end switch. End it.

No argument. No discussion. No second chance. While in the meantime, just hold loosely knowing it’s your turn.


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