Akdam Yatch Kipnyarkis (AKD HUSTLER BOY ) Entertainment Refresh Interview with Ramtez

We got the chance to get chart-topping singer-songwriter Akdam Yatch Kipnyarkis alias AKD HUSTLERBOY on Entertainment Refresh by Ramtez for an un-stripped & honest interview to learn about how he became a singer-songwriter, his creative process and how he got brand name AKD HUSTLERBOY.

When did you start your music career?

Back in high school, I used to rap where I coined my brand name AKD HUSTLERBOY. AKD I drew it from my official name AKDAM, and my friends branded me HUSTLERBOY.In 2019 I recorded my first project though my expectations were not attained.


What were your expectations?

Having trained and freestyled for a longer period I thought it will be easy for me to hit so fast but I discovered there were some areas I needed extreme guidance each time.

Which artists from the globe do u look up to?
In Nigeria (Xbusta), in Kenya(Kaa La Moto and Nyashinski), East Africa(Professor Jay). South Africa(Nasty C) and worldwide(Eminem). They inspire me through their creativity and lyrically.

Which of your songs do you love most?

Na Imani is the best song that established me to my audience, I, being a creative song writer inspired by what happens around my world, politics and life matters.

What keeps motivated in your music career?

My brand growth through reaching more audiences makes me put more effort daily into my career.
Which artists do you want to collaborate with this year from Nakuru?
Rhondabwoy and Ladii 254

What is your message to upcoming artists and established artists?

To upcoming artists Focus on hard work and creativity, avoid drug and substance abuse and maintain simplicity. Established should develop a scheme to help upcoming artists through collaborating with media to have more talent search.

What is next for AKD HUSTLERBOY this year?

Am working on a collabo with Dogo Charlie and many more projects and yet to be revealed.

What is your message to the creative industry through the government of Kenya?

I kindly request the government to open up more studios to enhance creativity and look for ways to token artists.

What is your message to music producers?

They should allow artists to rap in their own way other than directing artists to do styling in their own way.

Any artists you want to big up?

YES.Decimal Classic, Kaa La Moto, Nyashinski,Ladii 254, King Kaka, Briton Da Prince and Khaligraph Jones

Your last words?

I love you my fans so much let’s support one another.
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